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Being truly asynchronous with Tornado

In the past few days I’ve had the chance to play a bit with Tornado, a non-blocking web server for Python similar to node.js. Tornado works by using something like epoll or whatever I/O event notification exists in the system. Tornado is single threaded and works like a fancy while (True) loop. As a consequence, whenever we do some blocking I/O (e.g. database call) the web server cannot process other requests. While that may not be a big deal on very low traffic sites or if your I/O subsystem is extremely fast, it starts becoming an issue as your traffic grows or if you’re hosted on something like Amazon AWS; notorious for its slow and inconsistent disk I/O performance.  The biggest problems that I encountered with Tornado are: 1) the lack of robust asynchronous libraries for things like DB access and 2) Python’s own awkwardness when dealing with async code. NodeJS programmers don’t have any of these problems because the community writes software with async in mind and Javascript as a language offers anonymous blocks which make callback style code tolerable. The purpose of this post is to encourage Python programmers using Tornado to pay attention to their blocking calls or if they don’t need any of the features that Tornado offers, stick to a WSGI server such as uwsgi or gunicorn. Continue reading